Having lots of friends Vs. Having Few Good Friends: What Is Better?

Having friends and a friend circle is essential these days. You don't like to go anywhere without seeing a group of buddies. There's always awkward when you realize you don't have what others have, whether they're twelve years old or college students. And that's perfectly fine. Some people prefer having a small group of close friends over having a massive group of friends. Sure, having a considerable number of friends is lovely, and hanging out with a large group of people is fun. You are a group member, and being a part of something is always enjoyable. However, for other people, being in a group might be intimidating. 

Before going ahead, let's discuss the types of buddies that we generally have in our lives.  

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Close friends 

They are the few people you maintain contact with and are comfortable discussing your feelings. They are folks you can count on for assistance if I require it. Your cousins and a couple of my close buddies are relatives. You have friends in this group who reside in other countries, and we don't see or speak to one other very often, but we are still close friends.

Regular friends 

Regular friends mean friendships with people who are just like you. These are friends you meet up with, talk with on the phone, or email occasionally but don't feel safe expressing your heart. When you want to have a good time, you go out with them. Around these friends, you feel at ease being yourself.

What does it mean to have a larger group of friends?

Although a larger circle may bring more options, it goes without saying that monetary benefit is not the only criterion by which to evaluate a possible partnership. When you have a vast group of friends, it cannot be easy to talk with each individual. In the group, there are several types of friends: the party girl, the humorous one, the smart one, the flirting one, the party-pooper, and so on. Because each group member is unique, the social atmosphere is as well. When everyone is present, there are frequently two or more discussions between various persons, making it difficult to join in. As a result, you are commonly left out of talks, which hurts. Most people have no idea who everyone likes or what they've been through in their lives.

What does it mean to have few close friends?

Close friends don't have to be concerned about flaunting their closeness. They understand that they have a strong, close relationship and that publishing images of them hanging around doesn't imply much. It's also simpler to be yourself with a few close pals because no one will judge you or ask why you're being strange. Close friends understand that their friendship is priceless and will never replace it. And intimate pals are more than just friends; they are sisters. A non-biological link, on the other hand, could never be broken.

It's good to have a small group of close friends than a massive group since your close friends are more than just pals. It's a friendship that will last a lifetime. They are the people who stand by you in your tough time, encourage you, support you and be always with you.

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