Some Girls Code Rule Which You Have To Follow




The unspoken norms that all women follow among their closest friends are referred to as the "Girl Code." It contains numerous activities that should never cause our girlfriends to doubt our commitment. The Girl Code is the most comprehensive set of ethical guidelines we follow, and it has the power to create or break a relationship. It can be very perplexing, and few girls are aware of it. 


Some Girls Code Rule

Generally, The Girl Code is a set of life standards that all girls should follow, but most do not. Here in this piece, we are going to discuss the unofficial female code norms and friendship commandments:

1. Don't sneer at another girl whom you never met

Don't sneer at girls you've never met. Nothing irritates me more than hearing anything a girl said about me. It's more aggravating if you've never spoken to this person before. Don't be like her!

2. Be honest

When your girlfriend inquires about her appearance, tell her the truth. It took me a long time to figure out this one. BE HONEST whenever a friend asks for your opinion on something, whether it's her hair, makeup, or dress.

3. Protect her from creeps

Any girl you observe being hit on by a creep should be rescued. Even if you've never met this girl before, follow this rule. Do something if it's evident that this female is uncomfortable, or even if you're just getting terrible vibes.

4. Don't do anything that your girl doesn’t like 

Unless you acquire authorization, you can't talk to your ex, siblings, or close pals. Despite the fact that this is a well-known guideline, girls continue to break it on a regular basis. Don't do anything to them that you wouldn't want your girlfriend to do to you.

5. Your concern to yourself only

Keep your concerns to yourself. Even if they appear insignificant or minor. Keep your girlfriend's business to yourself!

6. Don't involve others in your problems

Don't let a person get in the way of you and your pal. Whatever the circumstance may be. Boys are never worth sacrificing a friendship for. There's a reason why "sisters before misters" is a phrase!

7. Keep her as your best friend only

Everyone who claims to have even more than one best friend is lying. You can strive to have more than one, but there will always be one buddy who you prefer over the others and to whom you confide everything. You'll recognize that acquaintance.

Apart from that:

  • You'll most likely be angrier than she is about the split. Nobody gets in the way of your girl!
  • Make Your BFF's Parents Proud And Protect Her Sex And The City.
  • Constantly remind Your Bestie to Remind Her You Love Her
  • Is she truly your best friend if you never tease her. 
  • We all know how strong a woman's intuition is, and we also know how other women think. So don't appreciate other women in front of her.
  • If you don't protect your friend, you aren't a friend.


So this is a set of unstated standards that females are supposed to observe. It's essentially a list of friendship dos and don'ts. Despite the fact that the list of girl code rules is endless, I'll highlight the six most significant ones that you should never break.